A little bit of action on the UCLA Grand Hotel

I took my weekly perambulation to the “work” site of the Grand Hotel on campus this past Wednesday morning, about 9:30 am.  As noted in prior posts, although the area was fenced off July 8, the “groundbreaking” is not scheduled until Sept. 10.  So not much seems to be happening other than some digging up of landscaping. Anyway, I did see a few construction vehicles on the site. (If you click on the two bottom photos and look closely, you might be able to make a couple of the vehicles out.) The only person I saw in the site wasn’t wearing a hard hat or any other obvious worker clothing and was talking on a cell phone.  He strolled out of the one open gate toward the back of the now-closed parking structure #6.  Maybe everyone was at a late breakfast at the time.  It continues to appear that the early closing of the site on July 8 was intended to make a statement rather than to get construction going.  What statement was that?  Click on the link at the bottom.

The statement: