The Bus Plan for Higher Ed

The White House released the plan for higher education this morning.  As per yesterday’s post, the plan will be promoted via a presidential bus tour.  Before I get into the plan, I might note that like the Regents and governor, the President is interested in use of technology – think MOOCs – to reduce costs, etc.  And like the Regents and governor, he seems to have problems with his own use of technology.  The screenshot you see here was take 3 hours and 45 minutes after the plan was officially released, but it doesn’t show the plan.  All that was available was info from yesterday that the plan would be released today. 

However, Inside Higher Ed does have a lengthy article on the plan and a copy of the White House media release (which has yet to appear on the White House website).  The full article is at:

Excerpt from the article: President Obama appears to be making good on his vow to propose a “shake-up” for higher education. Early Thursday, he released a plan that would:

  • Create a new rating system for colleges in which they would be evaluated based on various outcomes (such as graduation rates and graduate earnings), on affordability and on access (measures such as the percentage of students receiving Pell Grants).
  • Link student aid to these ratings, such that students who enroll at high performing colleges would receive larger Pell Grants and more favorable rates on student loans.
  • Create a new program that would give colleges a “bonus” if they enroll large numbers of students eligible for Pell Grants.
  • Toughen requirements on students receiving aid. For example, the president said that these rules might require completion of a certain percentage of classes to continue receiving aid.
The White House media release, courtesy of Inside Higher Ed, is at:
It’s unclear at this stage how much of the proposed agenda can be done by administrative regulatory fiat and how much would require cooperation from the currently-gridlocked Congress.