UCLA History: Cord

During the summer doldrums, we continue to provide scans of pictures from UCLA’s history as shown in the book, “California of the Southland,” published by the alumni in 1937.  You can pick what you like as interesting from the 1936 picture above.  There is the presence of Gov. Frank Merriam who had been Lieutenant Governor and then became governor on the death of the sitting governor.  Merriam was elected in his own right, defeating author Upton Sinclair in 1934 in the great EPIC campaign.  If you don’t know about that, you should.  So start by Googling it.

Another item of interest is the car in the background, which appears to be a 1936 Cord.  No, that’s not a misprint for Ford.  See the picture below of a 1936 Cord which seems to match the photo above:

More on the 1936 Cord’s history: