Listen to the Special Regents Meeting of Aug. 8, 2013

A special meeting of the UC-Regents was held by teleconference to approve the appointment and compensation of incoming Riverside chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, formerly provost at Michigan State U.  There were no public comments made by non-regents at this session, although time was available for such comments.  Governor Brown voted “no” on the compensation package which included an 8.9% raise in salary relative to the previous chancellor.  He cited concerns about growing income inequality in society, the fact that there were chancellors on other campuses who were paid less, and the labor dispute with AFSCME.  Lt. Gov. Newsom also voted no on the compensation package but made no comments.  Outgoing president Yudof made general remarks endorsing the appointment.  At the conclusion, the new chancellor – who officially starts Aug. 19 – made some remarks. 

We continue to provide audio recordings of the Regents meeting because of a regental policy to retain the file on the meetings for only one year.

You can hear the recording at the link below.  The governor’s comments start at about minute 8:20:

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