Pay for the New UC Prez: Mellowing Newsom Likes It

Gov. Brown is out of the country and missed yesterday’s Regents meeting and won’t be at the meeting today.  At the meeting scheduled for later today, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom might well attend.  In the past, he has been against high pay for UC executives.  But now he seems to have mellowed in the case of Janet Napolitano, the nominee for UC president.  The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert blog indicates that Newsom thinks the pay in store for Napolitano is OK:

…UC has not yet revealed how much Napolitano will be paid. That information will be made public tomorrow after regents approve her nomination. Outgoing UC President Mark Yudof gets a salary of nearly $600,000 plus additional perks that brought his total compensation above $800,000 in 2008-09. Napolitano makes $199,700 a year as the head of Homeland Security. Newsom said he’d been briefed on her proposed UC compensation package and that it is “in the ballpark of what I think is reasonable.”

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But maybe he has just decided to accept the inevitable:

P.S.: The Bee editorializes that the new prez should take a lot less in pay than the old one:

3 thoughts on “Pay for the New UC Prez: Mellowing Newsom Likes It

  1. I didn't see him in the video for the meeting but it is hard to see everyone if they don't actually speak. And they don't vote by name in most cases. He might have attended later (or he might have been there). In any case, I will adjust the text.

  2. right, -he might have sat out the vote or not.ucop should provide a roll call sheet on votes, but…he came into the room talked to Lansing for a long while sat next to Yudof for a while – but during the vote was not paying attention to him.

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