More Scanning of Napolitano’s Appointment

The nomination of Janet Napolitano – former head of Homeland Security and thus TSA and immigration – to be the new UC president will probably get a reasonably full going over at the Regents this week – although yours truly thinks the fix is in as far as confirming the appointment goes.  Chancellor Block evidently agrees with that assessment.  From the Daily Bruin today:

…Several public figures such as President Barack Obama, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. John McCain, Gov. Jerry Brown and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block expressed their congratulations and support Friday following Napolitano’s nomination…

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Also in that story:

…(M)any students disagree with the choice. Though Napolitano has advocated for immigration reform in the past, some undocumented students said they were offended the regents chose a nominee who has also deported a record numbers of individuals from the U.S…  A petition started by students on calls for the UC regents to reject Napolitano at their meeting Thursday…

Note that in regental public comment periods, anyone can say anything about anything.

Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters in a video op ed today says the Regents’ choice is peculiar:

And although Gov. Brown will be out of town (out of the country), Lt. Governor Newsom – who automatically becomes acting governor whenever Brown is out of the state – probably will attend since he is not likely to be otherwise occupied.  From today’s LA Times:

…”What’s a lieutenant governor?” the boy asked.
Newsom kept his gaze on the camera.
“I ask myself that every day.”…

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It’s unlikely that Newsom will object to a politico getting the job.  But he tends to object to high salary appointments so it will be interesting to see what he has to say when it comes to compensation as opposed to the appointment.

Nonetheless, as we indicated above, when all is done: