Keeping Online Ed In-House at UC: Regents Report

Readers of this blog will know that the governor and legislative leaders have been pushing UC to do “more” online ed.  The governor originally earmarked $10 million in the UC budget for that purpose but then line-item-vetoed his own language on the promise that UC would do it anyway. 

The Regents next week will consider a report on online higher ed at UC.  What is interesting about the report is what is highlighted and what gets little mention.  At the January Regents meeting, guest speakers from commercial MOOCs were given the floor to tout their wares.  But the report for next week doesn’t talk much about outsourcing to commercial vendors.  It says in the introduction that “faculty have continued to explore MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), and more campuses have established formal agreements with one or more MOOC providers.”  Thereafter, it’s almost all about various internal initiatives ranging from full courses to regular courses that are enhanced by online elements.

Nowadays, the buzz acronym is now ILTI which stands for Innovative Learning Technologies Initiative.

The report is at

Of course, there can be problems, inside or outside: