Taking it back

Yours truly heard a segment yesterday on “All Things Considered” about a blog called “Retraction Watch” [http://retractionwatch.wordpress.com/] which compiles a listing a retractions that appear in professional journals due to plagiarism, falsified data, and other misdeeds.  Most of the listings are of medical and scientific journals due to the background of the blog authors.  Unfortunately, the segment about Retraction Watch does not appear on the available downloads from All Things Considered although NPR [http://www.npr.org/] has had earlier programs which mentioned the blog.

Perhaps the existence of Retraction Watch is well known to those in medical and scientific academia but yours truly was not aware of it.  Other fields might benefit from similar scrutiny.

By the way, I typed “University of California” into the Retraction Watch search engine and was shocked and appalled to find there were some retractions by UC authors.

UPDATE: Turned out it was another program, On the Media, that carried the story I heard.  You can hear it at