Changing Demographics

The Sacramento Bee today carries this demographic chart showing the Latino and white/non-Latino populations are roughly equal in California at present and the relative growth in the Latino population is projected to continue.  Due to citizenship and voting propensities, the white/non-Latino group still predominates in elections.  However, the times, they are a’changing – as the song goes – with implications for UC and higher ed in California more generally.

The article that accompanies the chart can be found at:

In a related article on the impact of Prop 209, the LA Times notes:

…Latinos’ presence, after a temporary dip, has grown beyond its pre-1996 peak, partly because of enormous increases in Latino high school graduates. But the numbers have been stark at UCLA and Berkeley, which have the highest admissions standards of UC’s nine undergraduate campuses. The Latino share of UCLA’s freshmen was 21.5% in 1995, dropped to 10.4% by 1998 and has climbed to 18.1%, UC records show. Berkeley’s Latino share of freshmen was 15.5%, dipped to 7.3% after the proposition went fully into effect and then climbed to 13% last fall…

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