Listen to Remarks of UC Academic Senate Chair Robert Powell on Pending State Mandate of Online Courses

Yesterday, we posted some of the Regents’ morning meeting.  Because of the disruption during the public comments period, the meeting was halted and the transmission was discontinued.  When it came back, it took me a few minutes to get the recording going and some of the remarks by Academic Senate Chair Robert Powell were missed.  However, they are now available and I have posted them (audio with still picture) at the link below.

Much of Prof. Powell’s remarks deal with Academic Senate opposition to the bill pending in the state legislature that would mandate online courses.  He also spoke about pension funding and competitive pay.

Note: I remain concerned about the long-term archiving of recordings (video or audio) of Regents meetings.  The January and March 2013 meetings now seem to be available, although I couldn’t find them yesterday.  (See the prior post.).  It is unclear if they will disappear after a year.

You can hear Prof. Powell’s statement at the link below: