How Big Is the Planned UCLA Hotel?

Once a year, the LA Business Journal provides a list of the largest 100 hotels in LA County ranked by number of rooms.  The latest list appears in the May 6 edition.  Of the top 100, the smallest is Shutters at the Beach with 198 rooms.  The planned UCLA hotel is on a par with the W Hotel in Westwood (258 rooms), a bit smaller than the Hotel Palomar (Wilshire – a few blocks east of Westwood Blvd. with 264 rooms), and notably larger than the Angeleno (Sunset and the 405 with 209 rooms).  In rough terms, 25-30% of the top-sized 100 hotels in LA County are either comparable in size to the planned UCLA hotel or smaller.

The university can studiously avoid calling it a hotel.  But “the conference and guest center” is in fact a good sized hotel that will require a lot of business to keep its rooms filled throughout the year.

We have pointed out these facts in prior posts but from time to time a reminder is in order. The hotel is big: