Technical Frustrations With Missing Links

There are occasional technical frustrations involved in blogging.  Some are inherent in the process.  We often provide links to articles or other items.  If those links change, or if the items are taken down, the links will no longer operate.  So if you go back to past postings, you may encounter such missing links and we cannot in general remedy that situation.

Where is it?

In some cases, however, we have posted audios or videos of public meetings such as Regents sessions.  Some of those postings were originally put on a Facebook page maintained by yours truly.  It appears that older Facebook links embedded on the blog disappear over time.  For example:

If, for some reason, you go back in time and find missing links you want to hear, let me know.  They have not disappeared from my Facebook page even if the links embedded in the blog have vanished.  I can send links to you directly in such cases.  Requests should be sent to me at