UCLA History: Mortality – Then and Now

This December 1954 photo shows a mock funeral held in protest of a decision by the university administration to change the selection process of the editor of the Daily Bruin.

There isn’t much about this issue on the web other than Wikipedia.  Apparently, the administration considered the newspaper to be controlled by left-wingers and demanded that editors be elected.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Bruin

On a more contemporary – but somewhat related – note, many faculty are users of Gmail and other Google services (Picassa, YouTube, etc.).  In some cases, faculty forward their UCLA email automatically to Gmail or they use Gmail as a private, separate account.  Google now has a post-mortem service for your accounts in which you can give access to your email to a spouse or other person or persons when mortality makes your account inactive.

For information on the “Inactive Account Manager” option, see “What Happens When You Die on the Internet?” at


Sorry to raise such depressing issues, but there it is: