Strike Vote to Be Taken at UC Med Centers

Strike at UCLA hospital in 2008
With contract negotiations stalled, union workers at University of California hospitals… say they will vote next week on whether to strike. The strike talk started Friday with a statement from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, which represents about 13,000 employees at university medical facilities across the state…
The university attributes the current strike talk to a refusal by the union “to agree to UC’s pension reforms,” which require employees to pay a larger percentage of their incomes toward pensions starting July 1… But the union says just the opposite. “UC Medical Centers have offered their front line care workers cuts in total compensation,” the union said in its statement.The union is also focusing on the pay and benefits paid to top executives… The union has not specified a specific strike date or duration…
Full story at 

UPDATE: AFSCME announced the strike authorization was passed on May 6.  As noted, a strike vote authorization does not necessarily mean that a strike will occur:

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