Regents Committee Met But Not Really

According to the Regents’ website, the Committee on Compensation met on April 5 but really didn’t.  The following notice excerpt explains it all: 

Because the membership of the Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor of the Riverside campus includes five members of the Regents’ Committee on Compensation, there exists the potential for having present a quorum of this committee when the advisory committee meets. Although no business of the committee will be considered by the advisory committee, this notice of meeting is served in order to comply fully with pertinent open meeting laws…

Here is question for legal minds to consider on a no-real-news Sunday.  If the Committee on Compensation met but had no business, then it could not have had any secret business.  So was the non-meeting open or closed? According to the Regents website, it was closed.  See

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