Complicated Monkey Business Involving UCLA

No, I don’t know the full story behind the matter described below:

From the Winston-Salem JournalThe board of regents for the University of California system is accusing Wake Forest University Health Sciences of stalling through recent legal actions that seek the dismissal of a countersuit related to a primate colony in southern Forsyth County. The Wake Forest group and the University of California at Los Angeles are involved in a legal fight to end their joint venture in the research center in the Friedberg community. The primate center is based on a 200-acre farm and has about 80 employees, including 12 veterinarians, according to a Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center spokesman. The center has an average population of 800 monkeys. That includes the colony of 475 vervet monkeys, many of which came from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. They contain family trees that have been tracked for eight generations by researchers…

An earlier story in The Business JournalThe research-focused division of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is suing the University of California, Los Angeles, over their joint operation of a monkey colony used for biomedical research at the Wake Forest University Primate Center. Wake Forest University Health Sciences (WFUHS) is asking the court to end the joint venture, which would allow WFUHS to sell off the assets, including close to 500 vervet monkeys. According to WFUHS, the colony has operated at a deficit after failing to land adequate federal research funding. With the lawsuit, WFUHS is seeking to recover more than $330,000 it claims UCLA has failed to provide…

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