Survey Suggests It’s Time to Take a Deep Breath on MOOCs

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a survey of 103 of 184 faculty members who have taught MOOCs.  The article that accompanies the survey is at:
But the summary below should suggest anyone proposing rushing into this area on the grounds that it will save large amounts of money or even provide a route to credit at the institutions at which these faculty are based should take a deep breath before proceeding. The results are decidedly mixed and they come from a group of folks who are evidently enthused about the endeavor. 
[Clicking on the images above will provide a clearer picture.]
More detailed survey results are at:
For those among the powers-that-be (governor? legislature? regents?) that might have trouble taking a deep breath before plunging ahead, we offer the aid below:
Update: Perhaps the LA Times editorial board could benefit from some deep breathing, too: