Oh! So Clever!

When it came to unveiling a new push to create a series of online courses for California college and university students, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg thought it was fitting to deliver the news in a decidedly digital fashion. So instead of holding a traditional press conference, the Sacramento Democrat and other supporters of the effort logged into Google to stage a “Hangout” video conference. “(Technology) is overwhelmingly I think a positive force in our lives we want to use it to try to help as many young people, as many students, as possible be able to keep their dreams and compete in the modern economy,” he said. “And so it felt like it was the right thing to do and consistent with that mission to hold this first-of-a-kind press conference using the very technology that we think can be part of the answer to the challenges our young people are facing today.” …

And more good news:
Speaking of higher education, the University of California regents are in day two of a meeting at UC San Francisco today. Brown visited their conclave yesterday, continuing his renewed interest this year in regents’ meetings. A press release from the governor’s office Tuesday said he would also attend today…

Source: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2013/03/am-alert-audits-approved-for-salton-sea-fund-gun-tracking.html#more

Update: The Steinberg bill is at:

A background story is at:
http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/03/14/california-educational-factions-eye-plan-offer-mooc-credit-public-colleges  It includes: 

…Governor Jerry Brown, who has been supportive of online education in the state, said he was excited by the prospect of saving money and helping students graduate faster, but he did not think the bill was a finished product because of political forces at play. “But how are we going to proceed? I think that’s an open question,” the governor said Wednesday during a separate press conference when asked about the bill. “So I wouldn’t jump the gun too quickly. This is something I’m pushing, but I’m also talking to faculty. I respect their role.” …

And there is more!

…UC President Mark Yudof applauded Steinberg for supporting online education, but said he needs more information and wants to be part of future discussions. “We have not yet seen any language for potential legislation, and we look forward to learning more about what is being proposed,” said Yudof in a statement…

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