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In an earlier post, we reproduced part of a Daily Bruin article that dealt with UC President Mark Yudof’s comments on “privatizing” the UCLA Anderson School of Management at the March 7 IMED Seminar.  Below is a link to what he actually said (audio with a still picture).  Yudof’s comments were more ambiguous than the news item suggested.  First, the interviewer, Prof. Lee Goodlick, used the word “privatize” without defining it.  (The P-word hasn’t been used in actual proposals regarding the Anderson School; “self-sufficiency” is preferred.  In addition, the latest version of the proposal referred only to the MBA program and not the entire School.)  Yudof interpreted it to mean a stand-alone school which was affiliated with UCLA but more or less autonomous.  Using that definition, Yudof said it was incompatible with a public university, in part because a privatized school might disregard such public goals as access.  Second, he said he could imagine a situation in which Anderson paid more of its own bills and thereby freed up taxpayer monies for other departments.  Third, he noted the issue is before various levels of faculty review. The interviewer joked that the process might take a hundred years. Yudof said he hoped it would be faster. But, of course, after the end of August, it will be some other UC president’s problem.

The actual Anderson portion of the interview can be heard below:

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