I guess the chemistry was good

UC-Irvine has put a chemistry course on the web.  But it doesn’t give credit for it and isn’t using the Coursera website (although UC-Irvine is affiliated with Coursera) because it wants to give the course away free.  As for labs, it says that if some other institution wants to offer the course, it will have to provide the labs, etc.  We are likely to see a bunch of such offerings from the campus. They show the campus is up-to-date, complying with the Regents/governor desires, and yet – in the end – they commit to nothing.  Actually, yours truly has put several lectures of his own on the web.  If anyone wants to see them, just let me know and I will supply the links. I am awaiting full praise from the Regents.governor but so far it hasn’t happened.

You can find the UC-Irvine announcement at:

An Inside Higher Ed article about the Irvine course is at:

Actually, good chemistry has already been available for some time: