Regents to "Review" UCLA Teaching & Learning Center for Health Sciences

The Regents will again be presented with a major UCLA capital project they have already discussed: The Teaching & Learning Center for the Health Sciences.  Regardless of the merits of this particular capital project or any other that comes before them from the campuses, in the end – as this blog has noted many times – the Regents have no independent review capability to evaluate capital proposals or to follow up on actual outcomes.  This particular project has a budget (see below) of $104.7 million, not chump change, plus another $6 million for furniture and equipment.  Past discussions at the Regents have noted a low ratio of assignable (usable) square feet to gross square feet and that when converted to dollars per usable square feet, the cost is high.  (UCLA likes to present the cost relative to gross square feet.)  But the Regents have largely approved the project.  There might be some residual handwringing.  But you can bet it will go ahead.  Everything does.

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One thought on “Regents to "Review" UCLA Teaching & Learning Center for Health Sciences

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