A Reminder: Don’t Do It

The UCLA email spammers are back with messages telling you to “re-validate” your email:

UCLA.edu Mail Service HelpDesk

UCLA.edu Mail Service messaging center wish to inform all UCLA.edu Email Users. We are upgrading our Webmail clients. Your email account will be upgrade to a new enhanced webmail interface provided by UCLA.edu Mail Service.

UCLA.edu Mail Service will discontinue the use of our current UCLA.edu Email System. You are therefore required to re-validate your mailbox.

To re-validate your mailbox please click the link below: [link you absolutely should not click]

Note that the message doesn’t come from UCLA but from “marceloc[at]def.ufla.br.”  It contains British usage: (“center wish” instead of “center wishes”). And it contains a typo: (“will be upgrade”).  But the real key is that UCLA never sends such messages.  So just delete them and don’t click on the links.

7 thoughts on “A Reminder: Don’t Do It

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