UC Consequences of the DC Chicken Race

Like so many political debates, the standoff in the nation’s capital over federal spending has been somewhat of an abstraction for months on end. That could change, though, starting next week. With just about everyone now agreeing that the March 1 deadline for avoiding automatic spending cuts — sequestration — will be missed, the real question seems to be how long before those cuts are felt and where will they hit hardest. In the Sacramento region, the impacts could be numerous: less money for community policing programs that rely on federal cash, $42 million less in research funding at UC Davis (and as much as $335 million less for the entire University of California system), and a share of the national cuts to low-income schools and programs like Head Start…

Full article at: http://www.news10.net/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=231795

Yours truly can’t verify the figures above.  But chicken races don’t necessarily end happily:

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