No "mandate" but maybe some arm twisting

We have been posting about Governor Brown’s interest in UC as expressed at Regents meetings lately and in the proposed state budget.  From the Sacramento Bee on what the governor wants from UC:

…It is unclear how receptive UC regents will be to Brown’s involvement in their affairs. The university system is administered independently by the regents and subject to only limited legislative oversight. “You can’t, and we wouldn’t want to, impose some sort of mandates on them,” the state Department of Finance’s Nick Schweizer told reporters in a conference call after the budget’s release. “But at the same time we do want to move them in a better direction as to where things have been going.” Patrick Lenz, UC’s vice president for budget and capital resources, said in a prepared statement that the university had absorbed nearly $1 billion in state funding cuts during the past five years and that Brown’s budget proposal is a “very positive step forward in a process that will unfold over the next several months.” …

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Not a mandate but a kind of an offer?