Apparently, UC’s Online Courses Didn’t Knock Their Socks Off

As earlier posts have noted, the governor at a recent Regents meeting pushed for a presentation on the progress being made by UC in pitching online courses.  Such a presentation will be made at the next Regents meeting.  But it appears there will be some explaining to do:

The University of California is spending millions to market an ambitious array of online classes created to “knock people’s socks off” and attract tuition from students around the world. But since classes began a year ago, enrollment outside of UC is not what you’d call robust. One person took a class. “It’s taking longer than we’d hoped” for the $4.3 million marketing effort to take off, admitted Keith Williams, interim director of UC Online, which is open to enrolled students and anybody outside the university. What UC didn’t know in 2010 when its best minds conceived of selling stellar, UC-quality courses online for college credit was that other great universities like Stanford and Harvard were about to start giving theirs away for free…

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Looks like we got trouble: