More on the Powers That Be

In an earlier post, we noted the names of state assembly members dealing with higher ed.  The state senate has a more general education committee that does all levels of education.  It will be chaired by Carol Liu who represents a district that runs from the Burbank/Pasadena area all the way east to Claremont and beyond.  Despite representing a southern California district, she has ties to UC Berkeley, especially the School of Education there. Poking around on the web, I find she at one time was on the UC-Berkeley Foundation Board of Trustees and that she and her husband have funded two endowed chairs there.  Liu seems to have an interest in higher ed “accountability.”

Other members of the committee are Marty Block, Lou Correa, Loni Hancock, Bob Huff, Hannath-Beth Jackson, Ricardo Lara, Bill Manning, and Mark Wyland (vice chair).  Hancock, it might be noted, represents the Berkeley area.