The Powers that Be (in Assembly)

The state assembly’s Higher Education Committee membership has been announced.  The chair is Das Williams from the Santa Barbara area who has a degree from UC-Santa Barbara.  His interests seem to be mainly in the environmental area.

Full membership of the committee:

Assemblymember Das Williams, Chair
Assemblymember Rocky J. Chávez, Vice Chair
Assemblymember Richard Bloom
Assemblymember Paul Fong
Assemblymember Steve Fox
Assemblymember Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr.
Assemblymember Marc Levine
Assemblymember Eric Linder
Assemblymember Jose Medina
Assemblymember Kristin Olsen
Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva
Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber
Assemblymember Scott Wilk

Williams’ personal website is at