More Budget Leaks

As we have noted in prior posts, at this time of year there are leaks that appear in the news media about the forthcoming budget proposal of the governor.  We noted also that he seems to be particularly concerned with education, but at the K-12 level.  Basically, policy wonks have long supported the idea that school payments should reflect in some way the kind of student being served rather than a simple body count.  Disadvantaged students would in effect get more dollars per capita. Of course, there are winners and losers in such weighted formulas among school districts compared to the current formula so there will be controversy.

In any event, even if he is focused on K-12, the role of UC in transfers from community colleges and enrolling students from disadvantaged backgrounds, etc., could be emphasized in dealings with the governor at Regents meetings and other forums.

You can find a recent leak on the governor’s K-12 budgetary intentions in the LA Daily News at:

Another version is at: