Proponents of Tobacco Tax for UC/CSU Scholarships May Not Just Be Blowing Smoke

Yesterday (although blogger now shows it as today and later than this posting for reasons unknown), we noted an initiative had been filed that would tax tobacco to provide scholarship aid for UC and CSU students.  We noted in particular that the initiative was professionally drafted, unlike many that are filed and, so, might have serious backers that could really fund a campaign.

The San Francisco Chronicle picks up the story today and notes the Lt. Governor Newsom seems linked to the initiative.  The initiative’s spokesperson is someone named in an earlier item in the Chronicle as a key aide to California Senate president Steinberg.

Bottom line: This effort could be for real.  The Chronicle story is at:

Jason Kinney, the spokesperson, was identified in an August story as “Steinberg’s chief political consultant.”

The earliest this initiative could be on the ballot would be Nov. 2014 unless some kind of legislative action changed the existing procedure.  But at that time, if passed, students might well say:

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