Lessons from NYU for Murphy Hall, UCOP, and the Regents to Ponder

Inside Higher Ed today has an interesting and lengthy article on a pending NYU faculty vote of no-confidence in that university’s president which relates to a construction project of the university.  We have reported in this blog about the large capital project agenda that is routinely approved by the Board of Regents for UC campuses without real independent oversight capability on the part of the Board.  Perhaps there are lessons from NYU to be learned.  The recent extended brouhaha about the UC logo – clearly a minor issue compared to the NYU matter – suggests that folks in Murphy Hall, in Oakland, and on the Board of Regents should do some reflecting on current procedures.  Grand campus hotels and similar projects could eventually trigger something more than the logo affair at the campus, systemwide, and regental levels, particularly if the business plans for these projects don’t work out.
You can find the NYU article at: