Nobody Noticed the Pledge and Maybe That’s a Good Thing

It looks like none of the LA City mayoral candidates decided to take the environmental pledge that a UCLA report seemed to suggest they should.  We previously posted about the pledge at:

Our posts noted that the seeming posture of UCLA pushing for political candidates to take particular positions and actions (in this case, creation of a new city agency was among the actions) goes beyond just posing the options that candidates might consider.  Although yours truly did not see the event, in an article describing a recent TV debate among the mayoral candidates appearing in the LA Times, there is no mention of anyone discussing or taking the pledge:
Perhaps no one noticed – or maybe wanted to notice – the pledge proposal.  And maybe that’s a Good Thing since it avoids a controversy over the university playing a direct role in municipal politics.
Despite what it may seem to proponents, sometimes it’s better not to be seen: