The New UC Logo Is Gone; We’ll Miss It

From the Capitol Alert blog of the Sacramento Bee this morning: 

The University of California system announced this morning it has suspended its controversial new logo in the wake of complaints from students and alumni, some of whom derisively compared it to a “toilet bowl.” Daniel M. Dooley, senior vice president for external relations at the UC Office of the President, said in a statement that a replacement monogram “could require a measure of time to complete.” Dooley seemed a bit defensive, however, suggesting people misunderstood the logo’s purpose and that it was only intended for use on “systemwide communications materials.” The logo was designed by an in-house design team. “The controversy has been fueled in large part by an unfortunate and false narrative, which framed the matter as an either-or choice between a venerated UC seal and a newly designed monogram,” Dooley said. “In fact, the graphic element in question was never intended to replace the official seal that still graces diplomas and other appropriate documents.”


What a shame!  It was such fun blogging about while it lasted:

Wait a minute! Is “suspended” the same as “gone”?

The official announcement actually says:
…I have instructed the communications team to suspend further use of the monogram. For certain applications, this process could require a measure of time to complete. In due course, we will re-evaluate this element of the visual identity system… 


Visual identity system?

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