Who Needs Light, Anyway? Or Gravitas?

After 144 years with the same old Victorian seal, the University of California has decided to go mod. The university’s original logo — with its open book, 1868 date stamp and “Let there be light” script — will still be in circulation, appearing on president’s letters and official university documents. But marketing materials and websites will feature a radically simple and more contemporary symbol: a little “C” nesting inside a shield-shaped “U.”

“They wanted something that would reflect the innovation, the character of California — just more modern, user-friendly,” said Dianne Klein of UC’s Office of the President. “That’s not to take away from the gravitas of the original seal.” …

Full story from the San Jose Mercury-News at:

It’s all explained here:

One thought on “Who Needs Light, Anyway? Or Gravitas?

  1. Many, included myself, think that the abandonment of our seal is not even bad marketing policy: it is plainly stupid. When everywhere in the world universities are trying to show their history and sell tradition, we do the opposite!! Very smart!

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