Reminder of What Not to Do

When you get emails with messages such as this one:

Your mailbox has exceeded the limit of 20 GB, which is set by your manager You are currently 20.9GB, you will not be able to create new e-mail to send or receive again until you re-validate your mailbox.To validate your mailbox, you can click University of California, Los Angeles/update Thank you, University of California, Los Angeles system administrator 

Don’t click.  Note the odd grammar and sentences that don’t end in periods.  And, if you look closely, the message often does not come from a UCLA email address.  The one above purports to come from:
University of California, Los Angeles system administrator via 

As for the poster above, I can’t tell you more about it since the movie is in Korean.  But really bad things seem to happen to folks who click on the wrong thing!