More on the Harran Case Hearing

The LA Daily News carries a story about the hearing concerning the fatal lab fire in 2008 for which the local DA is holding Professor Patrick Harran criminally responsible.  A possible four-year prison sentence is involved.  As we have noted in past blog postings, the Regents were at one time charged along with Prof. Harran but have been dropped from the case.  UCLA legal counsel believes that this matter is being overcharged by the DA for whatever reasons and is providing his defense.  We have also noted that the DA has charged another UCLA professor in a totally-unrelated case, possibly hoping to pressure some kind of settlement in the Harran case.

The story can be found at:

It might be noted that a new DA was recently elected.  Perhaps when she takes office, this case might get a re-examination.  Profile:,0,5157805.story

Update: There do seem to be some reshuffles going in the DA’s office adverse to those identified with the old regime there.  Whether that means anything for this case, I have no idea: