Why Prop 30 Will Not Be a Windfall for UC

The chart above from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities suggests that the state’s “social welfare” functions will take a growing share of the budget. [Click on the chart to enlarge and make clearer.] Those functions were very limited at the time of the Master Plan’s adoption.  Since that time, they have tended to crowd out UC’s share of the state budget.  Ultimately, that is why the governor cautioned UC about its wishlist budget at the most recent Regents meeting.

You can find the report from which the chart above was taken at:

7 thoughts on “Why Prop 30 Will Not Be a Windfall for UC

  1. Dan,I am puzzled by this post. The reason that Prop 30 will not provide a "windfall" is because it was not designed to do so. It was designed to prevent further immediate cuts. Higher Ed is still down billions in funding from where it was a few years ago.But i am also puzzled because the chart you send us to says nothing about social welfare functions. Instead it documents the dramatic rise in economic inequality in CA and elsewhere over the last several decades and the role public policy has played in that, it also points out the things that policy makers can do to lessen that inequality and begin re-investing in society to improve the lives of the majority of people. There is nothing in the post to "suggest" that education could be a part of that. In fact, given the point you raised in an early post about the changing demographics of the electorate the post might suggest that there is now space for a greater push for that sort of re-investment.

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