Wishlist budget adopted by Regents

As expected, the Regents adopted the budget – which the governor on Wednesday termed a wishlist – yesterday.  The value of adopting a wishlist budget which will not be funded as requested was debated on Wednesday but adopted by the Committee on Finance of the Regents.  We posted the audio of that meeting, including the governor’s comments.

Yours truly was in transit yesterday and so could not record the Regents’ live stream audio. We will, as usual, request the recording as a public document and post it when received. (And [sigh] again we ask why the Regents audios are not archived by their office.  Why only a live stream which vanishes?) 

The LA Times carries the story: Two UC campuses received important endorsements Thursday for long-stalled projects: a new medical school at Riverside and a major classroom building at Merced. The UC regents included a proposed $15 million to help run the medical school and $45 million for the Merced building in their 2013-14 budget request to the governor and Legislature. The regents said they were more optimistic than in the past about their chances since state tax revenues are improving…

Full article at http://www.latimes.com/health/la-me-1116-uc-regents-20121116,0,5719809.story

I suspect the attitude of the state will be that we give you X dollars and if you want to spend them on, say, a Riverside med school or a Merced building, go right ahead. However, the governor warned that the proposed budget in total, projected out into the future, assumed allocations from the state of a magnitude that would not be forthcoming.

Despite the warning, I suppose wishing can’t hurt:

But wishing might not help, either.

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