UC students to protest at regents meeting (tomorrow)

Lisa M. Krieger, San Jose Mercury-News 11-26-11
Student protesters with the Occupy movement will converge on four UC campuses Monday morning to vent their fury at a meeting of the regents, with demonstrators in Davis attempting a campuswide shutdown. The meeting, rescheduled after cancellation earlier this month because of threats of violence and vandalism, now includes a one-hour slot for student voices and other public comment, increased from the usual 20 minutes. The regents will be spread out in four locations — San Francisco, Davis, Los Angeles, and Merced — and conduct the meeting by teleconference…

Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/health/ci_19419961

Above: In happier days (1960), UC President Clark Kerr meets with Regents committee to select site for UC-Irvine.

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